Current retained clients

West Chester, PA
Rajant develops mobile wireless mesh networking solutions and tools. Founded in 2002, their products are used by military, government, industrial, transportation, and utility customers.

  • Their unique technology offerings provide unique technical challenges to their employees.
  • Engineering-friendly culture with lots of autonomy. 

Open position: Software Engineer

Philadelphia, PA
Blackfynn is a life-sciences software startup developing a platform to integrate, manage, share and analyze complex data to develop better drugs, devices and clinical care for neurologic disease. They already have strategic partnerships and grants that are funding their growth, and will be adding multiple new hires in the coming months. Their team is comprised of accomplished software and data professionals, and the founders are award-winning Penn professors with distinguished backgrounds in their fields. 

  • Build a product that is tackling problems impacting millions worldwide
  • Small team of experts across multiple disciplines
  • Excellent compensation, benefits, and PTO packages (3 weeks + last week of December)
  • Work with a superior tech stack (Scala, Google Polymer, AWS, etc.) 

Open positions: Front-end Engineer, Full Stack Engineer


Philadelphia, PA
HealthVerity was founded in 2014 by experienced execs to build a unique software platform for healthcare data and patient informatics. Engineers are solving complex informatics, data privacy/anonymization, and mobile data analytics and geolocation problems with the newest tech. They received a $7M Series A round in early 2016 and a $10M Series B in April 2017.

  • Founders experienced building health data analytics firms
  • Stack includes Python, Scala, Ember.js, Spark, Hadoop
  • They value learning and are open to intellectually curious engineers from a variety of backgrounds

Open positions: Full Stack Developer

Philadelphia Metro, PA
Chariot Solutions is a leading specialty software consulting and development firm established in 2002, serving clients in Philadelphia and the region. They have one of the most respected technical teams in the area and are dedicated to keeping their employees educated on new technologies.

  • Voted #1 Small Company in 2016 for the Philly region
  • Excellent benefits include 100% paid health insurance for employees and their dependents, and perks like conference attendance and training.
  • Work with some of the best and brightest developers in the region.

Open positions: Full Stack React Developer

Philadelphia, PA
Azavea is a B Corporation (explanation) that specializes in building web or mobile tools and applications that enable the visualization of geographic data, with a heavy focus on projects with strong social and civic value. Azavea's clients include local government, non-profit, and academic entities from across the US. 

  • Socially-conscious firm committed to making a difference
  • Strong believers in and contributors to open source
  • Use Python, Scala, Spark, JavaScript, etc.
  • Respectful of employees with 100% paid insurance for families, work/life balance, and generous PTO

Open positions: None current


West Chester, PA
SCOIR (pronounced like "score") is a funded startup building the first true network to enable mutual discovery and engagement between high school students and college admissions. SCOIR’s mission is to help combat opportunity inequality by creating broader and more transparent pathways for college education. Founded on the principle that students are more than SATs and GPAs, SCOIR has designed a science-based approach for students to build holistic profiles showcasing their multitude of skills, achievements and capabilities.

  • Startup environment with 100% paid health, open vacation, equity, and market salaries
  • Tech stack includes Go, Node.js, Angular.js with a small experienced team

Open positions:  Back-end Developer, Test Automation Engineer