Devops Engineer,Startup
Location: Philadelphia, PA

This client is a software startup that recently received a $7M Series A and is now expanding. They are a software firm in the healthcare data and patient informatics space creating a cloud platform that enables clients to aggregate, assess and direct healthcare utilization and to help clients improve the ways they engage with patients. 


  • Enormous data ingestion, storage and maintenance
  • Striving towards a common data model
  • Maintaining a robust privacy protocol layer
  • Enhancing advanced de-identification and matching algorithms
  • Providing highly intuitive and engaging web-based client engagement

About You

  • You are an expert on a Unix / Linux command line.
  • You have experience deploying cloud based infrastructures such as AWS, Rackspace, Joyent, etc as well as deploying on your own iron
  • You have experience supporting scalable applications on distributed architectures, storing large data sets and supporting analytics
  • You have leveraged solutions such as Hadoop, Casandra, Redis, Spark, Riak, etc.
  • You also can manage and help scale traditional RDBMS
  • You are data-driven, testing and measuring as much as you can
  • You are an expert at monitoring and measuring systems and identifying bottlenecks
  • You automate everything you can
  • You leverage concepts such as impermanence to build highly reliable infrastructure
  • You use tools such as Chef, Puppet, Docker, etc
  • You are comfortable using distributed version control like Git.
  • You are comfortable reading Python, Go, Java, Scala, Haskell, JavaScript, Perl or similar languages.

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