Fecak Inc. is a consulting and recruiting firm specialized in helping startups and growth companies to identify, hire, and retain talent. The firm provides recruiting services as well as consulting services for founders and hiring personnel looking to build long-term hiring strategies to minimize or even eliminate future agency recruiting fees, and offers resume writing and career coaching services to job seekers who would like expert advice on their search.

Although the opinion is not popular with other recruiting agencies, recruiting fees today are too high and this fact leads to rampant unethical recruiter behavior in the industry. My unique business model and fee structure has resulted in average fees of 10-12% since 2012. Because of my model, I am able to provide clients and candidates a customized, ethical, and professional service at a reduced cost. 

Most Fecak Inc. client engagements involve software engineering searches around open source technologies, alternative JVM languages, functional programming, etc. – think Ruby, Python, Java, Scala, Clojure, Go, JavaScript, and mobile development. I can take non-technical searches on a case-by-case basis. Markets served include the Philadelphia and New York metropolitan areas, although specialized searches in other locations will be considered.