In 2012 I wrote a blog post about issues in the tech recruiting industry that were mostly the result of recruiters and candidates having misaligned incentives. I theorized that software professionals may benefit from an agent who had their best interests in mind, and the article started some dialogue on Hacker News and inspired a follow-up. Years later I decided to offer representation as a service.

What do I do?
Services can be customized depending on individual needs and interests. I am able to serve as an agent representing you with full transparency to employers and recruiters, or I can serve behind the scenes in a private manner. Sample services may include:

  • Career Advisory - I am available to discuss career goals and to explore ways to reach those goals, whether they are related to compensation, advancement, or work/life balance and general career satisfaction. Advice can range from a discussion about skills to learn in order to maintain marketability, ways to improve branding, or how to navigate a specific situation in the workplace.
  • Material Audit - I ensure that all of my client's public and private marketing materials and profiles are maintained, updated, optimized, and represent the client in the best way possible. These materials typically include resumes, LinkedIn profiles, websites, social media, GitHub accounts, etc. During job searches I am able to optimize profiles and content for discovery in order to increase opportunities.
  • Negotiation - I can provide a client with negotiation advice or serve as a client's proxy in direct negotiation with employers. 
  • Filtering Incoming Correspondence - To save a client's time, I review incoming correspondence from recruiters and employers and then perform due diligence in order to filter out opportunities that are not a fit for my client's career interests. This can be done through a shared career-specific email account to route inquiries from LinkedIn, website, etc. 
  • Marketing, Networking, and Outreach - During job searches I research and contact employers and recruiters that are identified as attractive options, and these contacts are maintained in a shared file to revisit in the future.  

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