Python Developer - Product Lead
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Our client, Bakround, Inc. has pioneered the bScore™. Call it a FICO® Score for job seekers.

They have a robust team that is led by a successful, three-exit entrepreneur and includes industry leading professionals and professors from both Harvard and Wharton. The first two of six patents have been filed, and they are moving into the next stage of evolution.

Their MVP was built in Java in partnership with their beta customer and strategic investor. Now that they have affordably proven the concept, they would like to now rewrite what they have done thus far in Python so they can develop more quickly and grow the development team more easily going forward.

This is an opportunity for someone with great experience in building SaaS mobile web apps to get in at the ground floor of a company that will grow tremendously over the next five years. Knowledge and know-how are a given, but they place a special premium on individuals who are team-oriented, goal-focused, and crave having impact. If you’re the one, you and Bakround's data scientists will be almost solely responsible for architecting the go-forward product. Especially over the next twelve months, the need to work independently will be important, as the team is distributed between San Francisco and Philadelphia.

Required Skills

  • 2 years of recent professional experience programming web applications in Python or Ruby on Rails on a Linux or Unix based platform
  • Proficiency in HTML / CSS, preferably with some exposure to a Python-based framework like Django or Flask.
  • 5 years of software development experience using a curly brace language (PHP, C, C++, Java, or JavaScript) - experience with Java is a bonus)
  • Experience engaging in any data science or analytics utilizing any Python packages (e.g., pandas, scikit-learn, matplotlib, numpy, etc.) is a bonus.
  • Understanding of multiple programming paradigms including procedural, functional, and object oriented
  • Solid SQL knowledge and experience managing a MySQL database
  • Ability to secure and administer a Web server using Apache on a Linux platform. (Cloud-based hosting knowledge preferred.)
  • Strong verbal and written communications skills. A demonstrated track record of documenting designs, code, and finished products. Ability to communicate technical requirements to a non-technical audience
  • Experience working on an engineering team utilizing project tracking tools (e.g. Jira, Basecamp) and version control software from the command line (Git)
  • 2 years of recent experience working with a Unix command line on a daily basis

The Details

  • Market competitive salary plus stock options
  • Health insurance
  • Location unimportant, but San Francisco and Philadelphia preferred

This is a very personal hire, as the current team is only eight people. To apply, please respond with a brief email highlighting reasons why you are a good fit for this position and a resume.

Salary and equity commensurate with experience, with an expected range of 120-150K.


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