Consulting Services

Would you like to stop dealing with agency recruiters and paying high fees?

I offer customized fixed-price consulting services to company executives and management looking to:

  • reduce dependency on expensive agency recruiters  
  • improve their overall hiring process and candidate experience
  • build their brand and reputation as an employer of technologists to increase applicant traffic

These services are priced based on need and typically include a combination of the following:

  • Employer branding - Does the talent that you want to hire even know about your company? The employer branding service looks at your current reputation and footprint, outlines ways to improve visibility, and implements programs designed to increase the quantity and quality of applicants.
  • Overall recruiting strategy - Assess current strategy and propose/implement new and creative ways to attract potential employees and develop a sustained hiring pipeline.
  • Hiring competitiveness reports - Research your company's place in the market to identify issues that may contribute to difficulties in attracting, hiring, and retaining talent.
  • Candidate experience - Evaluate your company's current hiring lifecycle from application through interviews and on-boarding to determine where improvements can be made and bottlenecks reduced in order to create the best candidate experience possible. 
  • Recruiting workflow and systems evaluation - Examine your company's internal hiring workflow to improve hiring efficiency and increase positive outcomes. Assist internal teams with implementing tracking systems to maximize return on investment.
  • Recruiter training - Customized in-house training for small recruiting teams, focused on any specific topics or areas of weakness chosen by company management.
  • Job description writing/editing - Review current job descriptions and make recommendations to improve visibility and applicant response.

Do you just need recruiting expertise occasionally?

I also offer on-call advisory services designed to assist with complex individual recruiting scenarios. Companies that have no experienced recruiting staff may benefit from my 20 years of experience and exposure to virtually every hiring scenario imaginable.


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