Fecak Inc. Strengthens Leadership Team With New VP of Sales and Diaper Filling

Cora Mae Fecak

Cora Mae Fecak

MILLER PLACE, NY (April 3, 2015) - Fecak Inc. announced today that Cora Mae Fecak has been named the new VP of Sales and Diaper Filling at Fecak Inc. At only five weeks old she is the company's youngest and least experienced employee, but her recent performance on an important and successful conference call expedited her rise to senior management.

"Was she coherent on the call? Absolutely not." commented Fecak Inc. founder Dave Fecak. "But should that fact alone prevent companies like Fecak Inc. from promoting potential superstars from within, establishing training initiatives, and demonstrating to our employees that dreams can come true? I don't want to live in a world where a baby can't be a high-ranking executive within small business."

Although her title is VP of both Sales and Diaper Filling, she is expected to focus on the latter for the foreseeable future with an eventual transition to the former.


About Fecak Inc.

Fecak Inc. is a recruiting and consulting firm based on Long Island New York and servicing technology startups and early growth firms throughout the regions surrounding Philadelphia and New York City. The company is led by Dave Fecak and a baby. For more information, visit fecak.com.