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Location: West Chester, PA

SCOIR (pronounced like "score") is a funded startup building the first true network to enable mutual discovery and engagement between high school students and college admissions. SCOIR’s mission is to help combat opportunity inequality by creating broader and more transparent pathways for college education. 

Founded on the belief that students are more than their SATs and GPAs and that colleges are more than their rankings, SCOIR is leading a revolution to transform the college admissions process from a short-term, quantitative transaction to a long-term, qualitative engagement. Utilizing the connectivity and data intelligence of the SCOIR network…

  • STUDENTS discover and present themselves to colleges that best fit their personality, interests and aspirations.
  • PARENTS gain advance insights into affordability and likely net tuition so families can make smarter application decisions.
  • HIGH SCHOOL COUNSELORS spend less time on administration and more time helping students navigate the admissions process.
  • COLLEGES identify, better understand, and engage with students who are considering applying to their school.

SCOIR has significant funding from strategic (non-VC) investors and a leadership team that has built successful technology-enabled companies.

SCOIR is currently undergoing rapid growth and looking to hire people who are interested in solving complex problems and positively impacting people's lives.

They are now seeking an experienced Back-end Developer to join their team.

SCOIR’s engineering team is passionate about building a robust platform that delights our end-users as well as the positive social impact that platform will have on people’s lives. Innovation is core to our culture, and you will work with other talented developers who:

  • Love open source development
  • Are passionate about automated testing, CI and continuous deployment
  • Need to understand technology problems as part of a broader product vision
  • Love (to hate) JavaScript and are always excited to find tools or frameworks that make it fun
  • Practice TND (test near development) … if you want to let your tests drive, go ahead, but we only care if your code has proper coverage

What you’ll do:

  • Evaluate the technical tradeoffs of every decision
  • Do code reviews and care about code quality, while also iterating quickly
  • Build robust, lasting, and scalable products
  • Collaborate and work well with others

How you'll work:

  • Small 'feature based' teams,  we build the most valuable thing next.
  • No arbitrary time based 'sprints', teams break down features to determine a shipping timeframe.
  • We ship frequently, automagically and with confidence.

Tools you’ll be playing with:

  • Go (Golang) and REST / JSON
  • ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Redis, NSQ
  • Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud, Git, AWS

Experience we’re looking for:

  • Java, Ruby, Python or similar language
  • Git or SVN … but really just Git (with GitFlow)
  • Go or similar (but there’s really nothing quite like Go)
  • Technologies like Ruby EventMachine or Python Twisted
  • Storing data … relational or non-relational (we don’t care)
  • DevOps

Compensation includes competitive market salary, full company-paid individual or family health insurance premium (Gold PPO), 401k with 4% matching, open vacation policy, tricked-out workstations, and options.

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